Living rooms

Cosy and friendly

Inspired by the Arabian Nights...

Influenced by the architecture of fortified ksars, the living-dining room (130m2) is wide open onto the immense garden.Its 2 grandiose towers, decorated with Berber geometric motifs, offer a magnificant view on Mount Atlas. The roof terrace overlooking the sea of ​​olive trees offers a place to relax and share.

Le grand salon

The living room

On the living room ceilings, cosmogonical design are painted, inspired by the clear night sky of the Atlas. Equipped with a large fireplace, you can relax in the cushions of the sofas. In its extension, the long swimming pool lined with flowers, cacti, an old oil press and a moucharabieh pavilion
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The dining room

In a row from the living room and connected by magnificent painted wooden pillars, inherited from the Berber habitat of the High Atlas, the dining room welcomes you, decorated with old doors and a painted wooden ceiling. Inspired by Andalusian palaces, a pool with water jets extends it.
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Roof top terrace

facing the atlas and the anti-atlas, overlooks the sea of ​​olive trees and offers a place for sharing. At nightfall, you can admire the celestial vault.