in the fertile Souss valley

Taroudant, the peaceful and authentic

stands proudly between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas.


Ancient Saadian capital

surrounded by magnificent crenellated ramparts from the 16th century (9 arched gates of Moorish architecture) which surround the medina.

Visit the city

the great souk with its ancestral crafts, the Berber souk, the tannery and the argan cooperative.
Tour en calèche

Take a carriage ride

at the end of the day when the city wakes up.
Claudio Bravo.jpg

Claudio Bravo museum,

illustrious South American painter and benefactor of the city
Grand marché

On Sunday, the large fruit and vegetable market, outside Taroudant.

All the farmers in the region go down there. A crowd bath in a colorful atmosphere.

In the surroundings

of Taroudant.



visit the magnificent palm grove and the old-fashioned factory of the legendary argan oil

The green valleys of the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas

Explore these magnificent valleys of the Atlas, its typical Berber villages and the valley of the citrons.

Agadir and Tifnit

Agadir, its golf course, its beach and its old fishing port. Tifnit, south of Agadir, a small fishing village lost on the edge of the ocean.

More distant




the Lunar, with houses with typical architecture stand in the middle of red rocks.


the city of Saffron, the red gold of Morocco

A welcome booklet is at your disposal at the palace and you will find a greater number of activities than those already mentioned